YAK DATA project

YAK DATA project was developed to extract and analyse data from various open data sources in order to produce information and insights for community collaboration and tackling problems like road accidents, corruption and crime. Yak, meaning giant in Thai, is used as a symbol for mapping incidents in the system, indicating locations where problems mentioned above occur.

Most organizations in Thailand have collected and accumulated a wide range of data through their work and operations. However, there is very little communication and planning among different organizations in terms of data collection, which often resulted in redundancy as well as incompatibility among different data sets, thus making it difficult to generate useful insights from the data collected. In order to create meaningful use of the data to tackle problems in our society, collaboration in data management would be critical and is currently still a challenge that needs to be overcome.

Road accident data provided an illustrative example on how data can be analysed and managed to create useful information for solving problems.

Opendream and its partners have been consolidating road accident data from different sources of open data and with these data created a system for spotting accident locations so that local communities could make use of these data to develop plans for reducing road accidents.



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Open Data



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Judies Factsheet
Judies Factsheet

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Judies Factsheet

เป้าหมายของ YAK DATA คือการนำ open data มาแก้ไขปัญหาในชุมชนโดยความร่วมมือของชุมชนเอง