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GCamp: On Data Sharing

Notes from a GCamp brainstorming session on "How to encourage and enable data sharing between organizations?" (Corner One - 13:00-14:00, Day 2) Revised and extended from an original version at GCamp@RUPP 2009 website. Thanks all the session participants for their insights and sharings :)

Aspects, considerations, and issues in data sharing:

  • Politics: policy, inter- and intra-organization conflicts of interest on data sharing, sensitive data, panic, national security, law & regulations, econo-political accessibility
  • Standards: information standards, common terminology/vocaburary/ontology, different survey methodologies, interpretation of data, difficulities in merging/fusing data from different sources (with different data definition), machine-readability, technological accessibility
  • Technology: text recognition, OCR, information structure recognition, the use of un- or semi-structured information
  • Information Life Cycle: spatial and temporal aspects of information, expiry date/best used by

Terms and projects mentioned in, or related to, the session:

GCamp's presentation: Data is all around, mash it

The second day of GCamp is about brain storming, gathering ideas how to achieve the goal of predict and prevent outbreak before it happens.

Our idea is about citizen surveillance, making a bunch of data which is aggregated from various sources to be more usable and accessible by the use of existed, everyday-life, technology.

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From Phnom Penh

Even if you're not physically geographically (well, this event is really about maps) here at Royal University of Phnom Penh, you still can participate GCamp. Just follow #gcamp hashtag on Twitter to get a gist. Your questions and insights, with #gcamp hashtag marked, are very welcome and they could be spotted by other campers :)

And, well, Opendream's twitter account is @opendream :=3